Our missionary stained glass window portrays the sailing of the Brig "Caravan" from Salem Harbor February 19, 1812, with the first American Missionaries.  This window was dedicated on the 150th anniversary of that sailing on March 25, 1962.

Two days later, five new missionaries were commissioned at our church for service overseas.  This commissioning paralleled the ordination and commissioning service that was held February 5, 1812 at the Tabernacle Church in Salem.

These men were Adoniram Judson, Samuel Newell, Samuel Nott, Gordon Hall and Luther Rice.

Adoniram Judson and Luther Rice, who sailed to India in two seperate ships, studied the scriptures enroute and both came to the conclusion that baptism was for those who came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and that baptism was to be by immersion.

It was at this time that Adoniram Judson asked to be supported, with prayer and funds, by the First Baptist Church in Salem instead of the Tabernacle Church, because of this change in beliefs and the First Baptist Church gladly took over his sponsorship.